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the time constant of an exponential return of a system to equilibrium after a disturbance

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Equation 2 allows the calculation of the relaxation time at each temperature T of the depolarization process given that J(T) is the output of a PP experiment, and P(T) can be obtained from the area of the PP peak above the temperature T [17].
They used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based T2 relaxation times to track the evolution of early degenerative cartilage changes in the knee.
For example, the linear-superposition requirement is not satisfied if the relaxation time in Eq.
The relaxation time was defined as the length of time between the introduction of the animals into the aquaria and releasing from the shelter.
Based on these data one can observe that the cured samples differ from the neat soy flour in relaxation time and the fractional distribution of the relaxing components.
The relevant echocardiographic parameters were measured in both subject groups: myocardial performance index (MPI), isovolumic relaxation time (IRT), isovolumic contraction time (ICT), pre-ejection period (PEP), ejection time (ET), PEP/ET ratio, deceleration time (DT) and acceleration time (AT).
If the expression for the mass of the droplet on the left-hand side of Equation 4 is transferred to the right-hand side, the expression for the relaxation time shown below appears.
Murray plans to return to his London base and will allow him self some relaxation time.
The effect of haemosiderosis and blood transfusions on the T2 relaxation time and 1/T2 relaxation rate of liver tissue.
Generally, relaxation time decreases with reducing crosslink density due to less chain bonding and molecular interactions.
And before the start of the event the knights were getting some relaxation time in with a massage and a dip at Gateshead College.
When the relaxation processes have gradually decreasing strength as their relaxation time increases, the KWW equation represents their total effect well.
So, as part of planning the wedding, remember to schedule relaxation time and plenty of time for sleep.
The history, philosophy, and justification of goofing off, supplemented with careful research and statistics, makes for engaging reading whether for expert sociologists researching the cultural phenomenon's of shirking or lay readers making the most of their own relaxation time.
The parison shape and thickness became dependent on the response speed of the control system with respect to mandrel actuation and the melt's elasticity, relaxation time, and flow behavior.