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relating or subject to the special or the general theory of relativity

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In recent years, researchers have discovered that such a "material universe" can host all other particles of relativistic quantum field theory.
Having no longer a physics laboratory for conducting experiments, he undertook deep theoretical research studies of the anomalous experiments which were unexplained in the frameworks of both modern classical mechanics and relativistic mechanics.
The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider primarily collides ions of gold, one of the heaviest common elements, because the gold nucleus is densely packed with particles.
Planck-Einstein's formulation of relativistic thermodynamics considered the scenario that the black body is adiabatically accelerated to a speed (Treder, 1977).
If neutrinos travel exactly at the speed of light, or even above this barrier, they could acquire their extremely small mass by a similar effect, explaining why we do not notice a tremendous relativistic mass increase despite their high relative speed, at or very close to speed of light, in contradiction to Einstein's imaginings and equations for baryonic masses.
In what follows we try to expose the main geometrical and physical aspects which differentiate the both geometrical theories: the jet relativistic non-autonomous Lagrangian geometry [9] and the classical non-autonomous Lagrangian geometry [6].
Having developed the material in presentations given to students specializing in high energy physics, Bartke (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Poland) introduces the physics of relativistic heavy ions (or relativistic nuclear physics), which he notes is of particular interest "as collisions of relativistic heavy ions are believed to lead to the formation of a new state of matter--the quark-gluon plasma (QGP), thus bridging frontiers between nuclear and hadronic physics.
The studies at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, which is 2.
So in this paper we have defined generalized covariant recurrent energy momentum tensor and studied in a general relativistic space time.
Second, it argues that the avowed aim of Fear of Knowledge, to dislodge relativistic conviction, could hot be served even if Boghossian's argument worked perfectly on its own terms.
Voloshin, a Farmington Hills resident, was recog nized for his "numerous seminal contributions to the methods and interpretation of collective flow in relativistic nuclear collisions.
Kramer (1983) proposed three themes running through postformal thinking: (a) awareness of the relativistic nature of knowledge, (b) acceptance of contradiction, and (c) integration of contradiction into the dialectical whole.
Here we can see how pro-Foundly insufficient is a relativistic conception of the person when it comes to justifying and defending his rights.
The team explains how electric charges in graphene appear to behave like relativistic particles (called massless Dirac fermions) with zero rest mass, and are described by Einstein's relativity theory (the so-called Dirac equation).
With objective reality increasingly untenable as a notion, the pendulum has swung (too far) to the subjective, with reality now deemed personal or cultural and so arbitrary and relativistic.
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