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consider or treat as relative

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La relativisation des regles, concepts et categories utilises par tout systeme juridique represente donc une prerogative essentielle de la demarche comparative qui, en tant que <<contre-discours>>, ne peut que naturellement avoir un effet << anxiogene >> (219).
En lien avec l'exemple precedent, cette relativisation de l'argument de la diversite implique aussi des formes d'omissions discursives.
The Western postmodern assault on the ideology of the single viewpoint in interpretation as well as any attempts to represent the world very often take the shape of subversion, casualness, relativisation, and disbelief in the possibility of grounded meaning.
Ranciere dismisses as frivolous "des discours qui opposent l'art pour l'art et la tour d'ivoire de l'ecrivain aux dures lois de la realite sociale, ou bien la puissance creatrice des oeuvres a la relativisation culturelle ou sociologique de la litterature et de l'art" (50).
Relativisation perpetuates violence by making the perpetrators actions "understandable".
First, "the theological density" of the Christ event and the value of history for Christian faith cannot, according to Dupuis, be reconciled "with Hinduism's relativisation of the value of history and perception of the absolute as categorically beyond it.
Worthy of note is the relativisation of the possible influences of television in their homes.
It is this debasement of value, or perhaps relativisation of values, which interests Newling.
Harkening back to Foucault, Hall discusses one aspect of the change that has generated this new way of thinking as 'the relativisation of the Western narrative itself, the Western episteme' ('Old and New Identities; Old and New Ethnicities', p.
Whitmarsh 2011, 107 offers an additional option which would fit in well with my arguments in this section that his love for Leukippe is not the sole concern of Kleitophon's existence: "[The] second century romances are specifically concerned with the problematisation and relativisation of narrative: they dramatise the absence of final meaning, and the difficulty of locating a single cultural vantage on the narrative.
Thus, 'says that' requires a relativisation to a model, but (T) without it has false instances.
The study of the tax registers of these three Cambodian communes leads to a profound relativisation of the concept of 'rural democracy' while allowing the creation of a typology of Cambodian farmers in Kompong Thom.
Contrary to I Figli del Mare and Michelstaedter's poetry in general, in La Persuasione e la Rettorica we witness the exploitation of this dialogue between terms, which carries as consequence the relativisation of the voices
Domari has replicated the Arabic relativisation strategy.
Anne Sofie Roald, "Expressing Religiosity in a Secular Society: The Relativisation of Faith in Muslim Communities in Sweden" [95-113]