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In relationally embedded ties, the dyadic relationship between two parties is strong (Marsden & Campbell, 1984; Uzzi, 1997).
Personal dedication is a relationally driven construct, referring to the extent to which the individual desires to maintain or improve the quality of the relationship for the benefit of both partners.
Beyond the ever-changing technology and demographic shifts that we've been talking about for 20 years, consider three core ways in which markets have been relationally transformed since 2010:
She adds that people who are relationally skilled and routinely create positive moments that lead to high-quality connections are more resourceful, stronger psychologically and more likely to have a better trajectory for their own growth.
I found the suggestions dealing specifically with what you need to know about your child at each age: physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually, especially helpful and practical.
Tenders are invited for Requirements for a Relationally Integrated Computer System for the Division of Oil & Gas.
When neighbours work together both relationally and financially, our communities become better connected and experience a greater sense of wellbeing.
He works relationally with senior business leaders and cross-functional teams to unlock the enduring potential of a brand and its people.
After synopsizing our interventions, the Conclusion reminds readers that our brief for sexual autonomy, relationally reconstructed, presumes and propounds the ordinariness, not the extraordinariness, of sex.
Yet, other research indicates that segmenting communication to FtF can be more relationally satisfying than integrating several modes (Caughlin & Sharabi, 2013), and some dating partners find TMC use during conflict to be categorically inappropriate (Caughlin et al.
Seeing again allows patients to be more economically, socially and relationally active than they were before the treatment.
Based on the odds ratio, the likelihood of female perpetrators' relationally bullying students receiving special education services was reported to be 0.
But while the popular understanding of musical genius may imply that such emotional disregard is a prerequisite for true greatness, the theory of multiple intelligences finds that with a holistic curriculum gifted and creative students can excel relationally and technically in their disciplines.
Power facility lifecycle-management software: SmartPlant Enterprise's solutions include rule-driven design, relationally linked data between design disciplines, and complete visible management throughout the life of the offshore facility.
So to reframe the question more properly, can non-relationally minded tools be coded internally so that they provide better data query and manipulation performance than relationally minded tools?