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The current study involved 144 relationally aggressive girls from 44 different classrooms across six elementary schools in the School District of Philadelphia.
Project Name Requirements for a Relationally Integrated Computer System for the Division of Oil & Gas
Hall and Edwards developed a psychometrically sound instrument intended to be a relationally sensitive model of spiritual maturity that emphasized awareness of a relationship with a God image and the quality of one's relationship with the God image.
Based on the odds ratio, the likelihood of male perpetrators' relationally bullying students receiving special education services was 1.
Power facility lifecycle-management software: SmartPlant Enterprise's solutions include rule-driven design, relationally linked data between design disciplines, and complete visible management throughout the life of the offshore facility.
Lavin's widows are exiles, Mooney argues, but not in O'Connor's romanticized sense of the term: still embedded in their communities and often tied to the land, they are set apart by their status, "no longer sanctioned by being defined relationally to a husband or father" (192).
The formula is simple: "Nothing is defined, everything is relatively fucked and to progress civically, aesthetically, relationally and so forth, we each need to be open to criticism and encourage community discussion within a global conversation," Klein says.
Relationally, many survivors cannot get comfortable in intimate relationships, either because they feel dirty and unlovable or because they cannot let their guard down enough to be loved.
We suggest that expanding the current language of the DSM would both better describe the world of our clients, and serve the complexity of their presenting problems, both individually and relationally.
They get their sex education from peers or-TV and they have no role models whom they can learn from relationally, financially or morally.
It's a simple idea: Each day you decide whether or not to do the things that lead to success--professionally, personally, relationally, spiritually, And most of us ask questions like, "Is it comfortable?
This brings to mind Maurice Merleau-Ponty's meditations on color in Cezanne's paintings, on the mutability of a hue seen relationally to another, perceived through the biologically diverse optics of each human's vision, which makes the acts of producing and apperceiving a work deeply contingent and variable.
hitting, kicking, or threatening to beat up others) and relationally (e.
In doing so, BP contributed to lower HSC Gas Daily daily indices to increase the value of its financial positions by making early and repeated sales; using high market concentrations; and by trading relationally to its financial spread.
We have become relationally out-of-shape--hurting our relational health and increasing the need for "relational exercise.