relational database

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a database in which relations between information items are explicitly specified as accessible attributes

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The ANTs Data Server is a full-featured, standards-compliant relational database management system based on a breakthrough, high-performance SQL query execution engine that incorporates innovative, lock-free operations.
FileMaker Pro 7 is one of the easiest and most versatile relational database management software packages because of its ability to import and organize all types of information.
Also, current relational databases, designed for structured transactions, are inflexible, expensive and not suited to the management of unstructured data (files).
CocoBase Enterprise O/R is a vendor neutral Dynamic Object to Relational Mapping layer that sits on top of the JDBC driver between the application objects (often running in an application server or stand-alone) and the database (which is usually a relational database for most modern IT organizations).
Most applications have to be rewritten to run under the relational database.
The partnership between DSCA and its contractors is also in the process of developing a more user friendly informational and relational database and look-up tables to better assist the end user in planning for and prioritizing bomb clearance missions in specific areas of the country.
Relational database software performs well for storing and retrieving tabular types of data -- data that can be visualized in rows and columns of related small data elements.
OTI) and XDB Systems have announced products that provide access from their database products to IBM's relational database managers.
By using the relational database, they can refine existing displays or create entirely new ones, define their own screens, name their own variables, and add their own data fields.
Managing your database, hardware and application clustering configurations effectively, as well as carefully choosing the right clustering technique for each phase of the testing process, are key to designing efficient, effective testing strategies for relational database applications.
Active archiving provides a "best practice" strategy for managing relational database growth.
The relational database version of the Wisconsin Package(tm) provides seamless access to SeqStore databases for comprehensive sequence review and manipulation.
has signed an agreement to bundle the PointBase 100% Pure Java relational database with future releases of Symantec's VisualCafe, the award-winning, number-one selling Java development tool.
As a complement to SELECT SE, the product allows database specialists to recover a data model of an existing relational database, rapidly design data service components which "wrap" the database, and publish details of the new data service components in SELECT Component Manager(TM) for use in new component-based applications.
If I had tried mapping those objects to a relational database, it would have taken months.
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