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He is very relatable, lovable and a friend with that motherly instinct.
The message becomes humorous, emotional, and relatable.
Polishing the Fragments," is a book of poetry that is relatable and expressive.
Exemplifying the best of the memoir genre, Brandeis tells a story that is both intimately specific, even peculiar at times, and yet is intensely relatable.
Building on the Glidden brands its just paint attitude, the campaign features relatable scenarios and offers a candid perspective on situations that could potentially create stress for painters, to provide guidance that will ring true among DIYers and professionals alike.
He has really cool gadgets and he is constantly learning from his mistakes which makes him very human and relatable too," she added.
It provides practical tools and information to make the connection between health and housing conditions relatable to everyone.
Since 1977, after having introduced audiences to a galaxy far, far away, the franchise has been an unprecedented rush of adventure, drama, and philosophical musings that outweigh anything we could have ever imagined, and it has proven to draw quite the number of fans, thanks to its rich storytelling and relatable characters that make it an epic to behold.
World of Peyton is a hilarious retrospective of Peyton's very best work from eight decades of drawing in which he can catch, in a single page cartoon and quote, some very relatable and entertaining moments.
Highly relatable, truthful and with an important message.
Having peers teach the course can make the content more relatable, say some of the students who are enrolling in the class.
Tracking a tale of forbidden love and literal social climbing amid a macaque clan in Sri Lanka, this Mark Linfield-directed docu-fiction contains typically top-shelf nature photography, an uncannily relatable cast of primate characters, and an anthropomorphic narrative complex enough that one can't help but wonder how much it was actively massaged for maximum impact.
Worden: The images and the messaging used to reach gen Xers need to be made more relatable.