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Synonyms for relapse

Synonyms for relapse

to slip from a higher or better condition to a former, usually lower or poorer one

a slipping from a higher or better condition to a lower or poorer one

Synonyms for relapse

a failure to maintain a higher state

deteriorate in health


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A chronic relapser, he enrolled in various rehab centers and a halfway house.
Objectives: To determine the long term outcome of chronic HCV patients who have completed the interferon therapy and compare results between responders, relapsers and non-responders.
Among the frequent relapsers, one patient had Cushingoid features like moon facies, two patients developed hypertension.
For testing the change in craving and NWS over the three times points (pre, post-treatment and 3 months follow-up), among abstainers and relapsers at 3 months follow-up, mixed factor analyses of variance (ANOVAs) were conducted, with time as the repeated factor and smoking status at 3 months follow-up (abstainer-relapser) as the between-subjects factor.
Three modalities of treatment response were defined: non-responders (detectable HCV-RNA w24 or w48 or absence of a two log reduction in the viral load at week 12), relapsers (HCV-RNA undetectable at the end of treatment but detectable 24 weeks after the end of treatment), and sustained virological response (undetectable HCV-RNA at week 24 after the end of treatment).
In another study of treatment-experienced patients that induded prior relapsers, partial responders, and null responders (those who did not respond to previous treatments at all), the addition of simeprevir to PR improved response rates when compared with treatment with PR alone, according to the FDA.
In my experience, most chronic relapsers have never worked all 12 Steps.
About half of the patients were new to therapy and the rest either nonresponders to dual therapy or triple-therapy relapsers.
Objective: To evaluate liver histology of chronic hepatitis C patients, who were relapsers or non-responders to previous conventional therapy.
Finally, we used a one-factor ANOVA for comparing the means of the three groups (abstainers, relapsers, and smokers) and Scheffe's post hoc test to identify the source of the differences.
Sullum, Clark and King (2000), in a study of exercise relapsers, determined that participants having higher self-efficacy scores at baseline were much less likely to suffer a relapse during an eight-week exercise program and had higher perceived negative views of exercise at initiation of the exercise program.
Many patients who previously failed treatment, whether they were discontinues, relapsers, or non-responders, now have new opportunities for a cure.
Kantor said the panel also backed response-guided therapy for prior relapsers, which could permit a large portion of treatment experienced patients to benefit from a shorter duration of treatment than was tested in the Phase III program.
If viable GCT is found, TIP has shown activity in late relapsers who were not surgical candidates.
Differences in relapse precipitants and coping behaviour between alcohol relapsers and survivors.