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Synonyms for rejoice

be glad


Synonyms for rejoice

to feel or take joy or pleasure

to show joyful satisfaction in an event, especially by merrymaking

Synonyms for rejoice

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And now I rejoice in the sporting success achieved these past two weeks during the Olympics.
Then we can be glad and rejoice in His great love for us this and every day.
If you bring no joy to others, God does not rejoice in you.
Let us all rejoice in the Lord and keep festival in honor of Ralph.
The Gift of the Hawk is a collection of brief, free-verse poems that search for truth amid darkness, violence, and death, and rejoice in the joy of love amid a complex world.
Sullivan and many other gay men with H/V--should rejoice in the improved length and quality of life resulting from HIV medications.
Those who share in Christ's suffering will also rejoice in his consolation.
We are reminded that Jesus prays with us and for the church's witness out of a unity formed of the same "individuality within relationship" that we will rejoice in on Trinity Sunday.
The fact that light is the laughter of the sky, proceeding from the joy of the celestial gods, humans reveal, who, as often as they rejoice in spirit and laugh in countenance, really shine within and are dilated in spirit and are also seen to shine in countenance, especially in the eyes, which are the most celestial feature, and who by laughter, a likeness of heaven, effect a circular movement.
Turn to God -- Rejoice in Hope", the theme of the eighth assembly of the World Council of Churches, has a very important message to Christians in my increasingly secularized part of the world.
WILT Thou not revive us again: that Thy people may rejoice in Thee.