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re-equip a factory or plant


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And indeed it's probably going to be Fatboy Slim's rejigging of the booty-shaking I See You Baby, from that infamous advert, which shifts copies of this release.
Interbrew UK is rejigging its marketing team to drive the growth of brands such as Stella Artois and Castlemaine XXXX.
Long before the talk heated up, the MWFF did a makeover, rejigging its categories and increasing the number of prizes it handed out.
CORONATION Street bosses are rejigging filming after actress Julie Goodyear was forced to miss recording sessions due to ``exhaustion''.
The company, which has been increasing its focus on higher margin convenience foods, has been busy rejigging its portfolio of products.
An August 11 Investor's Business Daily feature on LogicLibrary reported "Big companies like MetLife and Highmark are already saving millions by reusing old software and rejigging it for other tasks.
CARDIFF North Conservative MP Jonathan Evans has proposed a new way of rejigging constituency boundaries in the Cardiff area.
She added: "We are managing to bring water into the area by rejigging the existing pipe network.
But the midfield department, poor against Denmark, is facing serious rejigging.