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Synonyms for rejection

Synonyms for rejection

a negative response


a refusal to grant the truth of a statement or charge

a turning down of a request

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This is something I'm not good at, whether receiving a rejection from a person I like, from a company I'm applying to work at, or literally from anything I'd like to be a part of.
Perceived social rejection can trigger affective and behavioral responses ranging from social withdrawal to aggression, and can result in compromised social relationships and reduced individual well-being (Kawamoto, Nittono, & Ura, 2014).
Militant lawmakers in the House of Representatives expressed outrage on Wednesday at the Commission on Appointments' rejection of Judy Taguiwalo as secretary for the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).
The risk of heart transplant rejection can be reduced by desensitising patient antibodies, according to research presented today at Heart Failure 2017 and the 4th World Congress on Acute Heart Failure.
Researchers presented findings at the recent AACC annual meeting that DNA found circulating in the bloodstream--known as cell-free DNA--can be used to identify liver transplant patients with acute rejection with greater accuracy than conventional liver function tests.
Rejection is a necessary part of the fundraising process.
Background: Research has established the negative impacts of obesity upon the adolescents especially in the form of peer rejection and bullying behaviors.
secure, fearful, pre-occupied and dismissing), self-esteem and rejection sensitivity level among university students; and to explore the mediating role of self-esteem betweenrelationship of preoccupied attachment style with rejection sensitivity.
NNA - "Lebanese Democratic" Party Head Talal Arslan relayed Choueifat people's unanimous rejection of Costa Brava landfill proposal, stressing that such a rejection does neither stem from a sectarian nor a confessional reason.
M2 PHARMA-November 19, 2014-Researchers develop non-invasive test capable of identifying patients at risk of kidney transplant rejection
The MDS nurse was tasked with coding her Minimum Data Set (MDS) Quarterly assessment, item E0800, Rejection of Care.
A sample of college students (N = 129; mean age = 19years) at a small, religious university in the Pacific Northwest completed questionnaires assessing parental acceptance and rejection, depression, coping, and social experiences.
The markers would give doctors an opportunity to intervene and save a recipient's heart, and also provide a starting point for identifying long-term rejection biomarkers for several kinds of organ transplants.
Washington, October 17 ( ANI ): There are many kinds of stressors that increase our risk for disease, but the ones that threaten our social standing, such as targeted rejection, seem to be particularly harmful.
This study examined relationship between depression and paternal and maternal acceptance rejection in children and adolescents.