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bring back into existence

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create anew and make over

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Yet, in other ways, A Life of Reinvention is disappointing.
A Life of Reinvention is simultaneously a sweeping narrative of El- Hajj Malik El-Shabazz's life and a mundane recapitulation of what scholars uncovered decades ago.
Reinvention, or Malcolm's alleged chameleon-like character, is not the only similarity between Marable and Perry.
The final alleged affair discussed in A Life of Reinvention, with the 18-year-old Muslim woman, Sharon X Poole, is equally based on rumor and speculation.
ADDITIONALLY, A Life of Reinvention is replete with factual errors.
The two most inflammatory political reinterpretations advanced in A Life of Reinvention are Malcolm's alleged support of Barry Goldwater during the 1964 US presidential election and the suggestion that his experiences during the Hajj led Malcolm to try and reinvent himself as a mainstream civil rights activist.
A Life of Reinvention is thus marred by Marable's failure to engage the previous literature.
Among state and local governments, the movement also found support in the recommendations of the Winter Commission (National Commission on State and Local Public Service) and its inclusion of selective components from the reinvention agenda (Thompson 1993).
If reinvention is a full-fledged fourth-reform tide, then it appears to represent a shift as fundamental as the development of the administrative management approach in the early twentieth century (Barzelay 1992; Ingraham and Romzek 1994; Peters 1996).
Even if reinvention does not pass muster as a fundamental shift, it is still a topic worthy of substantial and sustained investigation.
On substantive and interpretive grounds, he alleges that we "find reinvention of government to be losing ground," that we show "overt antagonism" toward reinvention, provide "living proof of the triumphant victory over reinvention," and arrive at "the conclusion pronouncing the demise of reinvention [which] .
Approaching and Measuring Reinvention among State Agencies
At least two features set reinvention apart from the long history of state administrative reform.
In contrast to past reforms, reinvention is notable for its apparent relationship to similar administrative reforms that are under way beyond the borders of the United States.
Every organization is different but Lippit's remarks on changes in professional loyalties and motivational factors provide another chance to eliminate some reinventions of the wheel.