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bring back into existence

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create anew and make over

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These moves in leadership put the ultimate operations decision maker closer to the action and will help drive urgency and the continued change necessary to support our successful reinvention.
For more information about Ovation Brands and its reinvention, visit www.
Two days after his tragic death, the book some have called his "magnum opus," Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention was posthumously published.
Yet, in other ways, A Life of Reinvention is disappointing.
A Life of Reinvention is simultaneously a sweeping narrative of El- Hajj Malik El-Shabazz's life and a mundane recapitulation of what scholars uncovered decades ago.
Reinvention, or Malcolm's alleged chameleon-like character, is not the only similarity between Marable and Perry.
The final alleged affair discussed in A Life of Reinvention, with the 18-year-old Muslim woman, Sharon X Poole, is equally based on rumor and speculation.
ADDITIONALLY, A Life of Reinvention is replete with factual errors.
The two most inflammatory political reinterpretations advanced in A Life of Reinvention are Malcolm's alleged support of Barry Goldwater during the 1964 US presidential election and the suggestion that his experiences during the Hajj led Malcolm to try and reinvent himself as a mainstream civil rights activist.
A Life of Reinvention is thus marred by Marable's failure to engage the previous literature.
SEVERAL PLACES in A Life of Reinvention could have benefitted from engaging the earlier scholarship.
Hence, A Life of Reinvention is silent on a number of questions of import to black studies scholars.
Every organization is different but Lippit's remarks on changes in professional loyalties and motivational factors provide another chance to eliminate some reinventions of the wheel.
A link to the GOP's new Reinvention Convention page is posted on the website of Victory 2000's signature publication, The Gore Line (http://www.
The facility will serve as a base of operations for a team of Republican leaders and strategists who will counter the anticipated blizzard of spin and negativity from the Gore campaign during the four days of the Reinvention Convention.