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Accordingly, in a multiple schedule with two VI components, one VI component delivering reinforcers of relatively low hedonic value (a drop of 5 % liquid--sucrose solution) and the other VI component delivering reinforcers of relatively high hedonic value (food-pellets), it would be expected that behavior maintained by the weaker reinforcer (i.
The first involved interventions that progressively increased the delay to a larger reinforcer (Dixon & Holcomb, 2000).
One interview that may be modified for use with this population is the Reinforcer Assessment for Individuals with Severe Disabilities (RAISD; Fisher, Piazza, Bowman, & Amari, 1996).
Secondly, choosing a reinforcer for the animal is highly-species dependent.
Books as a conditioned reinforcer for performance and acquisition tasks as a function of observation.
With activity reinforcers, students earn the right to participate in a particular activity (e.
Reinforcer Function Test A preliminary test determined whether presentation of tokens functioned as a conditioned reinforcer (as in Sweeney et al.
Resurgence occurred during the local exposures to extinction induced by the decrease in reinforcer density.
We consider an initially neutral stimulus as a conditioned reinforcer when it acquires its function by being paired with another reinforcing event (Pellon, Miguens, Orgaz, Ortega, & Perez, 2014).
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 8, 2015-Tyman Sells Irish Steel Reinforcer Business for GBP 7.
The consequence of returning equals something awesome (with a high-value reinforcer such as an especially yummy treat or a game of tug).
Key statement: A tire with a built-in self-sealing layer includes an external rubber tread, a carcass reinforcer, a gastight layer arranged towards an inside location relative to the carcass reinforcer, an anti-tack layer arranged furthest towards the inside location and a self-sealing layer adjacent to the anti-tack layer and arranged towards the inside location relative to the gastight layer.
If students did not reach for either the symbol or reinforcer within 5 s, the CP used an auditory (e.
The effects of background music versus no background music conditions on levels of the participant's problem behaviors during a reinforcer assessment were compared.