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Synonyms for reinforcement

Synonyms for reinforcement

a military operation (often involving new supplies of men and materiel) to strengthen a military force or aid in the performance of its mission

information that makes more forcible or convincing

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a device designed to provide additional strength

an act performed to strengthen approved behavior

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Charpentier had decided to return to camp for reinforcements, and then make an attempt to track down the natives and rescue D'Arnot.
But what I cannot understand, what, in spite of all the efforts of my mind, and all my reflections, I cannot comprehend, and never shall comprehend, is, that instead of sending us troops, instead of sending us reinforcements of men, munitions, provisions, they leave us without boats, they leave Belle- Isle without arrivals, without help; it is that instead of establishing with us a correspondence, whether by signals, or written or verbal communications, all relations with the shore are intercepted.
cried Porthos, "they are sending us reinforcements, don't you think they are, Aramis?
You are right; they are reinforcements, decidedly, or provisions.
Carthoris, fearful lest Vas Kor might similarly elude him, or Astok return immediately with reinforcements, sprang viciously in upon his antagonist, and a moment later the headless body of the Dusarian noble rolled upon the ersite floor.
It will take a month to collect and bring them hither and in the meantime the slaves within the city are to organize secretly, stealing and hiding arms against the day that the reinforcements arrive.
Von Horn thought that they had seen the reinforcements embarking from the shore, but Sing explained that that was impossible since the Ithaca had been directly between them and the point at which the returning crew had entered the boats.
Next, the effects of extinction, negative reinforcement, and negative reinforcement combined with access to preferred activities were compared on destructive behavior and task engagement.
The present invention includes wood I-beams with synthetic fiber reinforcement.
Most trainers condition animals by using positive reinforcement, rewarding an animal for doing something correctly, says animal behaviorist Bailey.
The Reinforcement Motivation Survey (RMS) is a 36-item, forced choice questionnaire containing three scales designed to measure behaviors and motivational factors that have been noted in non-compliant clients: a brief Type A behavior scale, a scale measuring negative reinforcement motivation and a scale measuring sensitivity to criticism and failure (Table 1).
In their article "The Negative Effects of Positive Reinforcement in Teaching Children with Developmental Delay," Biederman, Davey, Ryder, and Franchi (1994) sought to determine "the relative efficiency of hand-over-hand (active) instruction versus passive observation" (p.
Montupet is working to overcome these effects by using particulate and short fiber reinforcement preforms in specific locations in the casting.
The appearance of language, or "verbal behavior," greatly increased the importance of cultural reinforcement, adds Skinner.
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