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  • verb

Synonyms for reinforce

Synonyms for reinforce

to make or become tight or tighter

Synonyms for reinforce

strengthen and support with rewards


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Stark said no one had anticipated the need to reinforce the tunnel.
Install steel struts to reinforce the access shaft north of the two tunnels beneath the freeway.
The engineered elastomer process maximizes the wetting of the pulp, allowing it to reinforce with maximum efficiency.
Using aramid pulp to reinforce the roll cover compound can help reduce wear due to slipping and abrasion.
2) a new glass wall replaces the masonry wall of the existing facade to allow natural light to flood into the lobby during the day, and to project a glowing light to the exterior at night; 3) a lattice of wood slats extending from the north courtyard wall to the rear wall of the Lobby reinforces the transition from the Courtyard to the interior; and 4) the new cast stone interior and exterior paving materially anchors the inside to the outside.
In daytime, the pylon's prismatic shape will glisten as it visually anchors the north end Of Museum Mile and reinforces El Museo's location.
MFTs teach and reinforce positive behavior patterns such as social skills, organizational skills, attitudes and schedules.