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Synonyms for reincarnate

be born anew in another body after death

cause to appear in a new form

having a new body

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However, the unperfected soul travels along the path of darkness to temporary celestial or dark realms in order to live out the effects of good and bad deeds, and then reincarnates.
As far as I could makeout, a bunch of baddies are trying to reincarnate mummified arch-villain Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) so that he can do battle with another ancient creep called the Scorpion King (WWF grunt `n' groaner The Rock).
Way back when Ricky Martin was a tyke in Menudo -- the original soprano-voiced, all-boy bubblegum band that continues to reincarnate itself -- any gay male adolescent found screaming alongside girl fans at one of the group's concerts would have stood out like Peewee Herman at a Rotary Club meeting.
KEEN to capitalise on the worldwide success of its new retro Beetle, Volkswagen is hatching plans to reincarnate that icon for the Woodstock generation, the microbus.
The solutions builder can reincarnate legacy applications by using programming tools, such as Microsoft Visual Basic, to develop a complete Windows front end.