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Synonyms for reimbursement

Synonyms for reimbursement

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compensation paid (to someone) for damages or losses or money already spent etc.

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This exception requires a determination of whether TLC (1) incurred the per-diem expenses "under a reimbursement or other expense allowance arrangement with such other person" (its trucking company clients) and, if so, (2) "account[ed] .
Speltz established a medical reimbursement plan for her employee-husband with the help of a tax adviser.
Transport reimbursement as a result of commuting from the employee's home to a meeting venue, such as a client's office, would be taxable to the employee.
This fee schedule has nothing to do with what has been negotiated in terms of expected reimbursement from any of the practice's contracted payers.
We also receive the lowest Medicaid reimbursement--almost a half million dollars less than the county average for managing an older population and one of the lowest reimbursements in the county for Medicare.
AHIOS invested a solid three years supporting this effort, and we are pleased by this interim victory in our efforts to ensure appropriate reimbursement for our services," said AHIOS legislative chair Jan McDavid, who is also general counsel for SMART Corporation.
About a year ago, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services cut reimbursement rates for many biotechnology drugs so dramatically that hospitals considered dropping the pricey treatments.
To the extent an HRA is a self-insured medical expense reimbursement plan, Sec.
Reimbursement is the most important practice management issue in otolaryngology practice today.
A part of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, PPS was designed to provide a structured payment system for Medicare reimbursement.
com/research/5e3b8e/medical_device_rei) has announced the addition of the "Medical Device Reimbursement in Japan" audioconference to their offering.
62(a)(2)(A) and the regulations to recast an employer's expense reimbursement payments as compensation to the employee recipients.
Recently a district court in New Jersey reviewed the rules and requirements in the tax code under which taxpayers can collect a reasonable reimbursement for attorney fees they pay to litigate tax cases they win.
It's time to apply those same principles and processes to the critical facility activities that underlie reimbursement, resident care, and quality monitoring by surveyors and consumers-the activities that surround the MDS process.
s anemia drug Aranesp will receive greater reimbursement in the hospital outpatient setting, leveling the playing field with rival Johnson & Johnson, the company said Friday.