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ignite anew, as of something burning

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9 Rent Everything '90s was new again as most of the stage cast returned and reignited the only great AIDS musical, as vivid and vivacious as we always hoped.
Joseph Fiennes' (left) reignited love affair with the West End stage continues.
Mary Marshall,* 58, found that after her kids left the house and she was free to refocus on her relationship with her husband of 38 years, the passion reignited.
The 22-year-old reignited Liverpool's season with his last gasp strike against the champions.
The weeks I spent during the summer training and performing reignited my desire to move through space and physically challenge my body.
Thomas, who has reignited his career after splitting from long-time coach Mike Smith, said: 'I've still got a long way to go before I can say that I will be back at the form I showed in 1998 when I won both the Commonwealth and European titles.
The surprise increase reignited fears households risked being weighed down by debt.
The ossuary also has reignited the debate about whether Jesus had any biological siblings.
Ancient care A nearly toothless fossil jaw found in France reignited scientific debate over whether skeletal remains of physically disabled individuals show that our Stone Age ancestors provided life-saving aid to the ill and infirm (162: 328).
Of course, sometimes these issues are reignited under different guises: "moments of silence" in place of school prayer and "intelligent design theory" in place of creationism.
West Midlands Fire Service said the unnamed victim, who was pronounced dead in hospital, was overcome by smoke after a smouldering armchair reignited.
It was only after a few minutes that it was reignited by a Yad Vashem employee with a cigarette lighter.
Melbourne--Concern over the deterioration in belief and practice of the Catholic faith in Australia has been reignited by a new study.
The shooting last month reignited the debate in Congress over whether to enact tougher gun-control laws.
A MYSTERIOUS radio signal that reignited the search for Nasa's Mars Polar Lander probably did not originate from the red planet after all.