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ignite anew, as of something burning

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In addition to the Reignite Retreat, Ross is also available for coaching, mediation and psychotherapy at her office in Stoughton or via phone or Skype.
Another thing that couples can do to reignite the fire in their relationship is to find time when they can be alone in the house.
BBC researcher Charlotte Denton said: " "It was aimed at individuals around fifty years of age or over and we wanted them to pick up their instruments and reignite their love for playing them.
com, a vehicle valuation source, has listed its top 10 cars that reignite the American Dream.
com's list of 10 Cars that Reignite the American Dream:
But other groups, including pro-democracy movements behind the revolt, insist they are there to reignite their unfinished revolution and demand the ouster of the military council that took over when Mubarak quit.
Mattel hopes the Ken-and-Barbie drama will help reignite sales.
Trade Representative (USTR) Robert Portman's offer to cut trade-distorting domestic farm subsidies by 60%, substantially reducing tariffs and eliminating export subsidies--all within a five-year period--in a proposal designed to reignite the World Trade Organization (WTO) Doha Round negotiations.
The fire was out within 1 1/2 hours but crews stayed around until the early hours to ensure it did not reignite.
Sometimes you can reignite the passion and desire even without a Caribbean cruise.
Several stock analysts said the court ruling could reignite the debate over a patients'-bill-of-rights measure; since that has come to pass, however, those analysts have declined to comment.
Water jets will remain on for two minutes and will automatically reactivate should the fire reignite.
Getting into a breakup/makeup pattern can reignite that lost passion.
This, in turn, will reignite a full-scale campaign to empower the new ICC, which was launched at the UN's 1998 Rome Conference on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court.
The Russian millionairess' desperate bid to reignite a career which peaked at world No 8 in May 2001 stalled again this week when she was forced out of a minor Challenger event in Alabama by injury.