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consider an abstract concept to be real

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But when the mind reifies its thoughts of self and other, it mistakes the whole person for one small set of characteristics imputed to him by one's mind, reducing the other person to a simple, singular thing that the mind absolutizes as the whole person.
And for heterosexual men that means negotiating women's complex ideas as to what the male essence should be: the serene and sensitive "nice guy" or the aggressive take-charge type and sexual machine that the mass media reifies into what a "real" man should be.
Insisting on an essential "African" identity, this discourse, as promoted by "Harlem Renaissance" and "Black Arts Movement" theorists and practitioners, reifies orality, feeling, festivals, and ritual, while denigrating the well-made play.
Jolly's analysis of this situation makes this volume relevant to all those interested in contemporary identity politics and the extent to which real politik reifies particular traditions, excludes certain groups from power and participation and is used by particular interest groups.
Ultimately, this essay argues that feminist argumentation is not oxymoronic, that dichotomizing argumentation into "patriarchal" and "feminine" characteristics disempowers and unnecessarily constrains feminisms, that "feminine style" reifies gender stereotypes, and that the theoretical perspectives of Mary Adams (1989), Judith Butler (1990), Michel Foucault (1977, 1984), and Jon Simons (1995) can be combined to create a notion of feminist argumentation that transgresses the limits revealed by the important essays critiqued in the following section.
By this opaque similarity a sense of repetition is constituted whenever a new book is to be placed on the shelf Fabricating the ahistorical temporality of the circus, the open-ended collection, with its linear accumulation, thus reifies historical time.
Drawing on a career of distinguished Milton scholarship, Shawcross presents "an approach to the text that reifies both the world of the poem and the uncertainties of the world of the poem as not only reader-available but writer-created" (1).