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put up in a new or different housing

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The Department for Communities and Local Government said the "expectation is that these new properties will be offered as one of the options to permanently rehouse residents from Grenfell Tower".
Lamees has sought the help of friends to try to rehouse the dogs with responsible families who would treat them as if they were their own.
Nowzad, a registered charity organisation which works to rescue stray and abandoned animals in Afghanistan and rehouse them to families in America, predominantly military personnel, brought the animals to Dubai from Afghanistan on November 13 and 14.
The page now has more than 1,400 followers, with around 20,000 hits every month, and has helped to reunite and rehouse many dogs.
building the first phase of operations to rehouse families living in slums.
The programme will benefit 45,920 families living in slums through building 55,000 housing units - The Sovereign presides over the signing ceremony of an agreement on building the first phase of operations to rehouse families living in slums.
Alastair Scott, chair of Coltness Community Council, North Lanarkshire, has asked police and the local authority to urgently rehouse him.
She sees her chance when a tornado - that's right, a tornado - wipes out Alan's family home back in Kansas, rendering him willing to throw a game for enough of a cut to rehouse his parents.
Middelburg secured its support to rehouse slum-dwellers--812 `start-up' homes have already been completed, using local contractors and labour.
a guarantee to rehouse people as close as practically possible to where they previously lived, meaning they can continue to access the same public services, such as their local school or local GP this rehousing would be in the same borough and, if not, a neighbouring borough
Time will now be taken to ensure all guidelines are completed to rehouse the bats in a way that causes them minimal disturbance.
The authorities in the Tibet Autonomous Region have announced plans to further rehouse and relocate more than 900,000 people by the end of 2014.
DEMONSTRATORS brought a town to a standstill yesterday in protest at a council's decision to rehouse Da Vinci rapist Robert Greens.
Local authorities claim from the Government the money they have to pay to rehouse people, and Westminster Council said it wants the system changed.
Byline: Dubai is one of several places being considered to rehouse the last remaining British Airways Concorde.