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It is important to note that the presence of clamp frame introduces an important temperature gradient in the planar direction, which is neglected in one-dimensional modeling of the sheet reheat phase.
Existing steel continuous reheat furnace performance can be significantly enhanced using flameless oxyfuel heating technology, according to a paper to be presented during AISTech 2012, by Linde North America and two European steel manufacturers.
Laboratories with all-outdoor air systems, typically must use energy wasteful reheat to accommodate required ventilation airflow that exceeds sensible load-driven airflow.
The new range also includes the LM 120, a semi-automatic, monoblock reheat machine with manual preform loading.
Machine Type: Reheat stretch-blow with heat-setting
Or spoon into a nonmetallic cereal bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and reheat in a microwave oven on full power, stirring once or twice, until steaming.
high energy pipe lines will include: main steam, hot reheat, cold reheat, and all feedwater lines for owner unit 2.
Depending on the control strategy used, VAV boxes contribute to controlling the supply duct pressure and supply air temperature, and directly control the discharge air temperature where reheat is used.
Switzerland's Mag-Plastic Machinery has added new neck-orientation and preferential-heating options to its SSB02 linear reheat stretch-blow molder.
describes its new Vorcalor PET CB01S for bottling water and carbonated soft drinks as the "first polyethylene terephthalate (PET) on the market to combine consistent and improved reheat performance with exceptional optical clarity and color stability.
In some cases, as little as 72 hr are required for a complete furnace repair, including preparation and reheat.
On the day of the party, arrange on a serving dish and reheat in the microwave oven just prior to serving.
A significant volume of the CO2 emissions from integrated steel plants is related to natural gas consumption, of which about 45% comes from the use of natural gas to reheat furnaces.
Constant volume systems with hot water or electric reheat coils;
New reheat stretch-blow molding machines are specially designed for low-volume production of water bottles made of biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA) resin.