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  • verb

Synonyms for rehearse

Synonyms for rehearse

to do or perform repeatedly so as to master


to give a verbal account of

Synonyms for rehearse

engage in a rehearsal (of)

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Rehearsal leader Susan Robertson said: "Anybody who would like to take part will be sent a rehearsal pack containing a CD recording of the vocal line to help them rehearse at home.
EVENT: "Sesame Street's" Bob McGrath will rehearse with 85 local dance and music students ages 5 to 18.
PROTEeGEe allows musicians of all skill levels to write, rehearse and perform their compositions as if they were working with a full ensemble of musicians.
Then, of course there is Hobson's Chorus, a small male voice choir which rehearses at Clayton West.
His dance partner Natalie Lowe said: "Ricky rehearses on Hollyoaks from 7am to 7pm every day so we've only got from 8pm to midnight each night.
Did they have to rehearse at midnight when everyone was trying to sleep?
Gemma, aged 29, who will make her debut with the group playing Frenchspeaking Marie-Celeste, said: "We'd started to rehearse on Tuesdays and Thursdays because the first show was due to open in a few weeks.
The duo appeared at an event in London and had to rehearse the ballad in the toilets before taking the stage.
We are lucky this time to have enough time to rehearse and to have a great director to take us through the rehearsal process so that when we get up on that stage, it's not going to be an opera.
A CAST of more than 50 will rehearse and perform a show in a day at the newly reopened Abbey Theatre in Nuneaton.
and time for Flex to rehearse a scene with some extras acting as a basketball team.
Professor Collins said: "If you are able to rehearse mentally for what you are about to do physically, you can rehearse more intensely.
Professional musicians, recording studios and touring sound companies have always relied on JBL loudspeakers for great sound - and at the 2006 Camp, we're providing a number of top-quality JBL Professional sound systems for the attendees to rehearse and perform with, so everyone will hear their music the way it was meant to be heard.
Mr Tomlinson said: "I want to know why the cast of the pantomime, which is taking place in Liverpool, are going down to rehearse in London.
She said: "Because they were using the studios to rehearse, they said our dancers could audition and they were successful.