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Synonyms for rehash

Synonyms for rehash

old material that is slightly reworked and used again

Related Words

present or use over, with no or few changes

go back over

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Leach is pretty good at rehashing this depressing trajectory from flaneur to couch potato.
lawsuit against The Ravelston Corporation and some of its principals is largely simply rehashing litigation previously commenced by others.
But all the tinkering with police policy, all the rehashing of details will not change one fact that undoubtedly contributed to the senseless death of this young man: It never should have come to a confrontation in the darkness between a cop with a gun and a kid with a car.
Because of Chrome Original Price Service(TM), lenders no longer have to spend time on the phone rehashing vehicle details with a dealer," said David Mingle, Chrome's president.
This is, essentially, Cedric the Entertainer rehashing Chevy Chase's National Lampoon franchise.
The company pointed out that no new allegations were made and the anonymous authors are just rehashing past innuendo.
But since Plath's and Ted Hughes' heirs wanted nothing to do with unhappily rehashing the couple's travails on the screen, very little of their outstanding writing has made it into the movie.
He is also a well-known writer and frequent contributor to industry publications, and the author of "Network Analysis and Troubleshooting," the first book to focus on practical analysis and troubleshooting techniques while avoiding lengthy rehashing of previously well-documented protocol standards.
UNLIKE EARLIER movie-based video game releases this year, ``The Hulk'' steers clear of rehashing the plot.
This show is unique because it personalizes the Civil War, bringing it down to the individual level instead of rehashing dates, generals' names and campaigns.
On the Dodgers' two local TV outlets, Fox Sports Net 2 was showing some stimulating footage of Marty Schottenheimer on the Chargers practice field and Channel 13 was rehashing the ill-fated ``Blind Date'' between Mario and Josette.
Beyond rehashing old allegations, the August 30 lawsuit contains a vague set of generic patent infringement claims that fail to identify even one specific Broadcom product that allegedly infringes.
Apparently, enough time to continue a public relations-tour of major newspaper editorial boards to keep rehashing a sob story about teams on the brink of bankruptcy.
The group's choreography is simply rehashing dance moves Michael Jackson was creating 15 or more years ago, when he was wresting arena-pop spectacle from the likes of Pink Floyd and making it palatable for all ages, but it's performed with energy and something resembling precision.
Wouldn't a discussion of how TV molds political perceptions have been better than the 14,985th rehashing of how Al Gore must position himself in his speech?