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Synonyms for reharmonization

a piece of music whose original harmony has been revised

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For Bookchin, social ecology "is meant to express the reconciliation of nature and human society in a new ecological sensibility and a new ecological society--a reharmonization of nature and humanity through a reharmonization of human with human".
Chord "voicings" are rudimentary and no reharmonization (beyond an introduction to tri-tone substitutions) is covered.
The opening harmony strongly articulates tonic and dominant, but the voice enters to a surprisingly jazzy reharmonization of the same melody.
In particular, the following features have been ignored: reharmonization of motives; bass-line patterns; harmonic successions common to music of the nineteenth century, especially deceptive resolutions of dominant harmony; cognitive features that identify tonal regions; and, perhaps most significant, double referencing of certain harmonies that occur at important thematic connective points--for example, the C-major chord at m.
The next phrase (at measure 9's pick-up), recovers from the bit of contrapuntal efflorescence, but the C-minor reharmonization of the tune in measure 11 leads off to a more definitive tonicization of the dominant.