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the systematic application of remedies to effect a cure

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Duterte's new spokesperson, said he saw no reason to criticize the mega rehab center since no government funds were used to build it.
Determined to help her wife to stay sober, Ellen is reportedly ditching alcohol following Portia's alleged rehab stint.
Ms Kerins remains at the centre of a public backlash over her [euro]240,000-a-year salary and the lack of profits from the Rehab scratchcards.
He must come in and address all of the issues in relation to executives' pay and pension pots, in relation to Rehab's dealings with his company Complete Eco Systems and in relation to consultancy which Rehab paid him for.
REHAB is a resource intensive process, involving experts which include psychiatrists, speech therapists, dieticians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.
In other words, she trusted one of the many criminal operations masquerading as a rehab facility.
Rehab underutilization Despite the positive results of cardiac rehab, Dr.
The "Rehab Team" includes the patient, family/caregiver, physiatrist, nurse, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, recreation therapy, psychologist, pharmacy, social worker, and pastoral care Individualized care plans for each patient are developed after the patient is assessed by each discipline during the first three days in Rehab The patient and family are involved in setting goals for discharge The goal of Rehab is to safely discharge patients to a community setting.
Because ATG Rehab shares with Vanguard and Peak the desire to improve quality of life for people with advanced mobility needs, our acquisition of these companies offer a seamless transition, new products and expanded services for complex rehab clients in Rhode Island and Colorado," said ATG Rehab CEO Paul Bergantino.
STOCKHOLM -- A cardiac rehabilitation program built around supervised high-intensity treadmill aerobic interval workouts improves peak oxygen uptake to a greater degree than does standard moderate-intensity cardiac rehab, according to a randomized trial.
And Eminem has admitted that his first stint in rehab failed because he couldn't 'concentrate' on recovering as he was surrounded by devotees who all wanted some time with the superstar.
Thursday, and Britney "Mother of the Year" Spears is currently in rehab.