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Because they do not stigmatize guilty parties, regulatory offenses are no more of a concern in the context of strict liability than other noncriminal offenses.
Both of these exceptions--what this Note calls regulatory offenses and inherently dangerous actions--are brought together under the broad umbrella of public welfare offense doctrine.
Legislatures also may authorize a short period of confinement for a regulatory offense for no reason other than to entice the police to treat a code violation as a serious matter, instead of deeming it no more important than an overtime parking infraction.
The bottom line is this: Assemblies may enact statutes and ordinances authorizing confinement for regulatory offenses because they are a sensible, cost-effective way to enforce an administrative program, rather than because incarceration manifests a collective judgment regarding the seriousness of a violation.
158) If life-endangering conduct is treated as malura in se, the conduct causing the imminent danger need not also be limited to a specified regulatory offense.
Finally, the Judiciary Committee also narrowed the scope of the endangerment offense by limiting its applicability to concurrent violations of specific regulatory offenses.
Regulatory offenses address wrongdoings against the general welfare
crimes and regulatory offenses, see Alan Brudner, Punishment and Freedom
the well-known proliferation, duplication, and overlap of white collar and regulatory offenses in the federal criminal code, as well as the duplication of many of those offenses in state criminal codes, some of which are more actively enforced than before.
The case is strongest in the context of regulatory offenses, such as violations of environmental, safety, and labor regulations, and weakest in the context of the core traditional criminal offenses, such as assault and murder.
com/research/nj7dds/white_collar_crime) has announced the addition of the "White Collar Crime: Business and Regulatory Offenses.
White Collar Crime: Business and Regulatory Offenses features a discussion of computer crime, including provisions of the "Electronic Communications Privacy Act" and the creation of Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Squads designed to combat copyright theft, computer fraud and hacking.
Tension exists between general criminal law, which is concerned with individual fault, and economic regulatory offenses, which are usually concerned with strict liability and corporate action.
com/reports/c34690) has announced the addition of White Collar Crime: Business and Regulatory Offenses to their offering.
In addition, he authored a chapter on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for the treatise White Collar Crime: Business & Regulatory Offenses.
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