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restricting according to rules or principles


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What then is a regulative virtue epistemology for doctoral education?
Regulative institutions' effects on the development of a smart city and its adoption and acceptance by the end users
In the regulative aspect a new civil aviation law was issued in 2003 to reinforce civil aviation and air safety," he said.
The Beyoy-lu City Protection Public Works Plan and the Beyoy-lu Regulative Works Plan, including the construction of a planned mosque near Taksim Square, will also be halted.
As Fischer puts it, we do not need regulative control of our actions to be morally responsible for them.
The Law on employment and work of foreigners is completely harmonized with the legal provisions and certain regulative of the International Organization of Labor and EU.
Democratic rule, which views the will of the people as sovereign, is based upon the regulative fiction that the exercise of such sovereignty is legitimate, i.
The moderating analyses reveal the strengthening effects of regulative distances on the relationship between regulatory uncertainties and government-relationship building and the mixed effects of cultural distance.
The regulative body received solar energy projects that amount to 1,000 MWs of capacity on the first day alone, filling the daily quota.
As Nicholas Lash has expounded on many occasions, in John Henry Newman's 1877 Preface to the third edition of the Via Media of the Anglican church, Newman plays upon the three offices of the church--the priestly, the prophetic and the kingly--as images for three necessarily interrelated dimensions of and responsibilities within the church's life: the devotional and spiritual, the teaching and intellectual, and the regulative and governmental.
If the Government wants to stimulate money and credit, then it should look to the serious loosening of the new regulative framework and also a renewed push for bank competition, perhaps by break-ups of the large Treasury bank holdings into several smaller banks," he said.
The ecumenist makes the case that doctrines function as regulative rules of language in cultural-linguistic framework (cf.
Regarding the creation of a new legal and regulative framework for energy cooperation in the Mediterranean, the Cypriot Presidency supports the conclusions of the Council of November 24, 2011, regarding the strengthening of the external dimension of the EU energy policy and submitting a proposal to the partners for the creation of a regional EU-South Mediterranean energy partnership, which will initially focus on electricity and the development of the market for renewable energy sources by the year 2020," he said.
He stressed the importance of clinging to the legal and regulative measures and to develop the government with important projects that deal with people's concerns, especially electricity, water, education, communications and roads.
The workshop will discuss a number of themes associated with the legal and regulative challenges in the GCC countries, policies and bylaws and licensing frames in the GCC countries, regional and international policies and experiences, opinions of providers in the GCC countries on using Voice over Internet protocol.