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the condition of having been made regular (or more regular)

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the act of bringing to uniformity

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Mr Justice Mohammad Qasim Khan after hearing the detailed arguments advanced by either sides and going through record and examining the notifications directed the Chief Secretary, Secretary Home, IGP and Add IG Counter Terrorism Department Punjab to proceed in the light of notifications dated October 14, 2009 and November 10, 2010 for regularization of their services as per policy.
The Ministry also emphasizes that all attempts to disrupt or procrastinate the regularization process will not stop the Ministry performing its obligation in the enforcement of law on the solid base of the system and that any attempt to waste time in this regard will not benefit these employees.
Indeed, in [11] the authors introduce an algorithm for the definition of the regularization parameters based on the numerical solution with respect to [LAMBDA] of the equation,
Regularization programs need to be designed carefully to avoid either making conditions worse for the low-income residents the programs are intended to help, or stimulating the development of new informal settlements," said the report's author, Edesio Fernandes, a lawyer and international expert on regularization, who was a visiting fellow at the Lincoln Institute in 2008-2009.
While politicians often consider regularization programs to be a "humanitarian act of a compassionate government" (3)-a way to deal with the "problem" of illegal immigrants--historical research complicates this view.
Iterative regularization methods for nonlinear ill-posed problems.
Thus A is severely ill-conditioned, and regularization is used to compute stable approximations of [x.
Regularization of adhoc judges of SHC and appointment of 10 new judges featured in the agenda of the meeting.
PESHAWAR -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has approved regularization of service of around 13,500 lady health workers (LHWs) who had been working on ad-hoc basis for the last several years.
The regularization of the situation of illegal immigrants in Morocco is taking place in "very good condition," said Minister of Moroccans expatriates and migration, Anis Birou, noting that the offices open to that end have received "thousands of requests".
Chapters cover the manipulation of images in MATLAB; the blurring function; structured matrix computations; singular value decomposition and spectral analysis; regularization by spectral filtering; and color images, smoothing norms, and other topics.
Meanwhile, teachers have hailed the move saying they had been demanding the regularization since long and the order was long awaited.
Chairing a meeting about village regularisation programme here on Wednesday he also directed the senior member BOR to expedite the process of regularization of old villages surrounding Karachi City which were established centuries ago but the residents were deprived of proprietary rights.
ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Investigation Agency's (FIA) anti-corruption cell has initiated an inquiry to probe the matter of illegal appointment and regularization of 27 daily wagers in National Institute of Science and Technical education (NISTE).
Contract awarded for Harvesting services to register for irregular property unit regularization ministry of national region of rivers.