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Reassurance of the existence of leases and regular payment of all fees due to the State under the IRL;
They said the unity government should secure the regular payment of public sector salaries and there would be a crisis if the payments are delayed.
In addition to being an immediate collections tool, this service is a preventative measure to keep our members out of the collections process by setting up a regular payment schedule.
A regular payment plan will make the money go further.
Summary: Interpipe, one of the leading steel pipe and railway wheels producers, announces that it made a regular payment of Eurobond interest totalling USD 8,750,000 on August 1.
After that, they receive only one-third of the regular payment for services provided to patients.
The regular payment is the amount due from the borrower at regular intervals, such as monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or annually.
The service went live yesterday (31 July) and enables the bank's customers to check balances, move money instantly between linked accounts, pay bills and adjust regular payment arrangements at any time via a digital TV.
The existence of a compensation formula, regular payment of dividends, a board of directors that makes the compensation decisions, and a high return on equity may be the difference between a disallowed or reduced compensation deduction and an accepted one.
From 2001 to 2004, CAIT's strategy of investing in senior and junior, high yielding, non-conforming, residential loans provided for the regular payment of common and preferred dividends from earnings.
The government will have to integrate departments with taxable income into tax net in next budget rather than shifting more burden on the shoulders of those who are making regular payment of utility bills, he stressed.
The increase will also be included in the pension basis for next year, Stavreski informed, According to him, the liquidity of the budget is good and therefore the regular payment of pensions and all social transfers will continue.
The State Pension is a regular payment made by the Government that you get when you reach State Pension age.
The disaster relief program allows qualified customers to delay one or two monthly payments, resuming their regular payment schedules when their situations improve.