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Each patient's glucose and insulin responses were compared with preprandial placebo and with subcutaneous 8-U regular insulin injections.
2 units of regular insulin before feedings (no more than every 3 hours) if BG [is greater than] 350.
For example, if a PWD is taking 15 units NPH and 6 units regular before breakfast and 5 units of NPH and 10 units of regular before supper, the patient should know that: (1) the morning regular insulin will peak after breakfast and cover blood glucose elevations for that meal, (2) the morning NPH will contribute to basal levels and peak after lunch and cover its blood glucose excursions, (3) the evening regular insulin will cover the rise in blood glucose from supper, and (4) the evening NPH will contribute to basal insulin levels and provide coverage for blood glucose elevations from a bedtime snack.
The study enrolled healthy volunteers in cohorts of four subjects who received either 3U or 12U of regular insulin or 1.
NEUTRAL PROTAMINE HAGEDORN (NPH) insulin, created by adding a protamine molecule to regular insulin, (7) offers slow absorption and a duration of action of 10 to 20 hours, peaking at 4 to 8 hours.
Lantus can be used in patients who are candidates for an overnight dose of NPH or ultralente, in combination with regular insulin or the more rapidly acting Humalog (lispro insulin) before meals in type 1 diabetics, and with short-acting insulin or oral agents in type 2 diabetics, he advised.
Regular insulin is mixed in normal saline to achieve the desired concentration.
And the recent news that frequent monitoring of blood sugar and more regular insulin injections can substantially reduce the disease's complications is expected to propel sales of monitors, test strips and syringes.
Significantly faster insulin absorption and greater peak insulin concentration observed for regular insulin and PH20 combination compared to regular insulin alone --
Regular insulin should ideally be administered 30 minutes prior to meals, though the rapid acting analogues may be injected immediately before or after food intake.
Type 1 diabetes usually develops in young people and requires regular insulin injections as a life saving treatment and is caused by the body s failure to produce the hormone insulin.
Around 350,000 people in the UK suffer from type 1 diabetes and have to give themselves regular insulin injections.
First, 24 adolescents (mean age 15 years) and 5 young adults (21 years) with type 1 diabetes were stabilized for 6 weeks with basal twice-daily glargine and premeal injections of regular insulin.
Subjects were randomly assigned to treatment with morning insulin glarginc plus stable doses of glimepiride and metformin or twice-daily premixed insulin (30% regular insulin, 70% NPH) without OADs.