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Army Chemical Corps is a reflection of the traditional model for American military forces--a relatively small, standing Regular Army supported by a broad militia- or community-based RC.
In a statement to NINA Shammari said: "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in his quality as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces provided during a meeting recently held at President Jalal Talabani residence ,explanation about readiness of security forces to take over the security file in the hunt for armed groups inside Iraq but the current period requires to focus on how to build and support army capable to defend borders by facing a regular army ".
He joined the Territorial Army and has applied to transfer to the regular army and is due to go to Afghanistan next March.
He will argue that the professionalism that is the mark of today's Army can be traced back to the Middle Ages when the English Army became the first Regular Army since the fall of Rome.
He met members of Teesside and South Durham-based Territorial Army units, including members of Royal Signals, infantry, military police, engineers and medical units, some of whom have served in Iraq alongside the regular Army.
The Army Reserve force is also the Army's major source of trained individual Soldiers for augmenting headquarters staffs and filling vacancies in Regular Army units.
Reconstituted 21 July 1964 in the Regular Army as the 212th Military Police Detachment.
He joined the Merseyside-based Royal Army Medical Corps (Volunteers) in 1981 and the regular army two years later.
Crandell signed up Hale in the reserves after 9-11 and handled the paperwork for his transition into the regular Army.
After the war when Britain was forced to withdraw the recognition of the Polish government in London, all the Polish servicemen signed a two-year contract, serving in HM British Regular Army PRC.
A British security worker killed in a Baghdad car bomb attack was a former infantryman who left the regular Army 20 years ago.
During the war they earned huge respect from the regular Army for the vital work they carried out.
I am apprehensive but I have a good idea of what to expect as I have worked alongside the regular Army during an operational tour of Bosnia.
where he received a bachelor of science degree in mathematics and a Regular Army commission as a second lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers.
NINEWA/ Aswat al-Iraq: Police sources said here today that a number of Syrian regular army entered the Iraqi territories due to heavy fighting with the Syrian Free Army.