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grow anew or continue growth after an injury or interruption

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Robert Nettles challenges anyone to PROVE that his program will not work for them, "If a client comes to me with NETTLES PATTERN 0-50 and TREATable HORMONE levels, I'll STOP their hairLOSS within 3 months and ReGROW their damaged THIN hair within 6 months," states Dr.
Caption: After studying fossils of extinct amphibians like this one, scientists concluded that some salamander relatives could regrow limbs millions of years ago.
While regrowth of linear nerves has been achieved in the past, this is the first time a custom guide has been created in order to regrow a complex nerve - like the Y-shaped sciatic nerve - with both sensory and motor branches.
The researchers were able to use antibodies detecting ABCB5 to zero in on the stem cells in tissue from deceased human donors and used them to regrow anatomically correct, fully functional human corneas in mice.
As was the case with human cells, the drug caused hair to regrow.
Children and some adults can regrow fingers after amputation, but digits cannot regenerate if more than the nail region is amputated.
If there's a bit missing we take bone from somewhere else, pack it in and hope it will regrow and make replacement bone.
Summary: Scientists in Australia develop a surgical technique that may allow cancer-suffering women to regrow their breasts after a mastectomy.
It's amazing that science has got to a level where doctors can actually regrow a human ear.
Their work may lead to breakthroughs that could eventually enable people, too, to regrow lost limbs.
Hair loss affects over 40% of males and 10% of females and this announcement will be welcome news for those who are looking for a way to not only stop hair loss, but regrow hair in failing hair bulbs.
A single bud near the trunk remained viable, and it managed to regrow into another 8-foot tree.
He heated a sheet of Aclar to 440 F to make it amorphous and easily formable, then cooled it to room temperature so fast, it didn't have time to regrow crystals.
Researchers at the Vermont Lung Center use adult human stem cell transplantation to regrow lung tissue.
When it has finished flowering you can trim back to the green growth to keep it tidy, but if you cut back into the old wood it will not regrow.