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Synonyms for regression

a return to a former, usually worse condition

Synonyms for regression

an abnormal state in which development has stopped prematurely

(psychiatry) a defense mechanism in which you flee from reality by assuming a more infantile state

the relation between selected values of x and observed values of y (from which the most probable value of y can be predicted for any value of x)

returning to a former state

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Cotton yarn engineering using robust regression and criteria of mallow's cp.
Regression de 15,3 % du chiffre d'affaires local par rapport aux donnees de la meme periode de l'exercice 2013, regression de 14,5 % du chiffre d'affaires export par rapport aux donnees de la meme periode de l'exercice 2013, regression de 14,8 % du chiffre d'affaires total par rapport aux donnees de la meme periode de l'exercice 2013 et enfin regression de 9,4 % de la production par rapport a la meme periode de l'exercice 2013.
His text covers regression, including an introduction to linear models, regression on functions of one variable, transforming the data, regressions on functions of several variables, collinear regression, influential observations in multiple linear regression, polynomial models and qualitative predictors.
As a result, the present results confirmed that instead of multiple and stepwise regression, principal use of factor and principal component scores in multiple regression analysis might offer a good opportunity without multicollinearity problem for predicting body weight of indigenous goat.
Past life hypnotic regression is the process of guiding a person to remember his or her previous lives under a light trance.
CART, CHAID, Exhaustive CHAID, Regression tree, Data Mining, Weaning weight
KEY WORDS: Hyperthyroidism, Pulmonary hypertension, Linear and Non-linear Regression.
Therefore, the article suggests a more precise statistical regression model for wind farm power prediction.
This guide provides a short, nontechnical introduction to regression analysis.
Partial least squares regression is applied to establish the statistical relationship between the dependent variable.
Key words: Forward selection, backward elimination, univariate regression; multiple regression
Statistics students plagued by the complexities of regression analysis will delight in discovering The Manga Guide to Regression Analysis, part of No Starch Press's Manga Guide series.
While linear regression is straightforward, it has so many features that I will need to split the description into 2 parts; the second part will be in the December issue of the AMWA Journal.
Selon ses indicateurs d'activite pour le 4 eme trimestre 2015, la societe tunisienne des industries pneumatiques (Stip) enregistrait une regression de 17 % de son chiffre d'affaires local par rapport aux donnees de la meme periode de l'exercice 2014.
The results of their Regression analysis showed a significant negative relationship of EBIT with Cash Conversion Cycle.