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Synonyms for regress

Synonyms for regress

to slip from a higher or better condition to a former, usually lower or poorer one

Synonyms for regress

the reasoning involved when you assume the conclusion is true and reason backward to the evidence

returning to a former state

go back to a statistical means

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To avoid this infinite regress, there must be an ultimate reason of everything, a reason that would also include itself.
A regress, however, is only one of several different kinds of inquiries we might conduct in this context.
Such experiences must somehow stop the regress of a posteriori justifications, and the only way that they can do this is by providing a posteriori justification without requiring it themselves (i.
Nonetheless there are many individual cases of cancers that naturally regress, and this is recognised as a possible outcome of cases of metastatic melanoma and metastatic renal cell carcinoma in particular.
The conclusion that more than one in five invasive breast cancers is destined to regress without incident if not detected by mammography is nothing more than an overreaching leap in logic," said Robert A.
Adolescents have primarily incident infection, whereas adults have a mixture of incident and prevalent infection--and prevalent infections are more likely to be persistent infections and less likely to regress over the short term than incident infections are.
More than half of low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions in adolescents have regressed at 12 months; 91% regress by 36 months (Lancet 2004;364:1678-83).
Outcomes are different, as well; keloids tend to grow and recur, while hypertrophic scars often regress with time.
Using state-level data, I regress state corporate income tax collections for 1980 through 1998 on a dichotomous reporting method variable.
We used mixed-effects models to regress heart rate and SDNN index (standard deviation of the normal-to-normal) on P[M.
In the future, though, researchers will likely be able to skip cloning, and simply flip a few genetic switches to regress any of your cells to earlier stages of development, says Harold Varmus, former director of the National Institutes of Health.
It is too easy to regress to a bottom line orientation, especially in times of stress.
Why is it that this part of the creation alternates between regress and
Such arguments are not, strictly speaking, circular at the level of the Aristotelian regress, since they do not anywhere assert as a premise that which is to be proved.
He fully supported the progress-report EC prepared for Macedonia, which noted many regress remarks in Macedonia, for which the Government, BDI being part of it, is most responsible