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Synonyms for regnant

most generally existing or encountered at a given time

Synonyms for regnant

exercising power or authority

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Last year, while I was heavily regnant with Theodore, we couldn't fly so we headed up the coast for a few days.
It will be interesting to see whether New Testament scholarship responds to his book by rethinking some of its regnant assumptions.
Obodoechina takes up a critically important problem--the culture of dependence regnant in African churches--and applies the principles of Catholic social teaching in quest of a solution.
Increasingly a resort to force in the form of aggressive war proved impractical, less on account of regnant policy and more as a result of a simple lack of resources: hence the recourse to commerce and its civilizing influences, which aligned itself with Enlightenment attitudes.
30) This form of lawyering contrasts with the regnant idea of lawyering, where lawyers formally represent clients, by working alone for them in a relationship where the lawyers dominate and the clients are only present when absolutely necessary.
Smolin works at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, a think tank in Ontario; his book The Trouble With Physics combines a pungent critique of the regnant views in theoretical physics with a broader meditation on how science works, or fails to work.
From the glory of Elizabeth I, one of England's most successful monarchs, through Mary II, who undervalued her own talents, to the imperial majesty of Victoria, the Queens - with the exception of the first Queen regnant, Mary I all overcame various trials to become outstanding monarchs.
A survey that aims at fidelity to regnant treatments of each era--a synthesis of syntheses--is bound to be captive to summaries that all make sense on their own terms but taken all together do not make sense at all.
Thus, the time-conception regnant in the music of figures like James P.
All emperors and empresses regnant were from the male line, and opponents of female-line monarchs say allowing such a system would ''destroy Japan's history and traditions.
He described the shifting 'boundary' issues that influence the interface of these two domains of thought and praxis as well as their regnant epistemologies.
The additional chapters move seamlessly from the original meditation on work to a critique of the commercial principalities in consumer culture, and finally into his most concise and devastating analysis of our totalitarian technocracy, regnant today.
Richard Beardsworth sets out to dissolve the regnant antithesis (and choice of selves) between Hegel and Nietzsche that has dominated many popular understandings of the history of philosophy, and Tilottama Rajan chips away at the similar divide that has been erected between Kant and Hegel by attending to the dimension of form.
In this issue, Emanuel and colleagues challenge this regnant view.
Of course, the topic poses a dilemma for the organized Jewish community: Should it reaffirm Jewish tradition and more strongly endorse endogamy, thereby forcefully decrying intermarriage, or should the community accept the regnant ideology of multiculturalism and diversity (so well established on many American college campuses) and more vigorously embrace the mixed married couples?