registered nurse

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a graduate nurse who has passed examinations for registration

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Although the effects of this economic downturn were broad based, influencing employment and wages throughout the national economy, the aim of this article is to examine whether these trends affected job opportunities and pay for registered nurses.
The average hourly wage for registered nurses in California is $48.
Despite the fact that the registered nurses are among the single largest healthcare professionals in the country, the vacancy rate for registered nurses is growing.
interview with male registered nurse, Stephen Ankiel
Before joining the faculty, Veltri, a registered nurse with a doctorate in nursing, taught as a clinical assistant professor of nursing at OHSU in Ashland.
3 Letter of support from an anaesthetist working at the hospital where the registered nurse is employed.
LIFEBLOOD OF NHS Health Minister Ben Gummer said: "This new role, and the opportunity it offers for those who want to progress to a registered nurse, will open up a career in nursing for thousands of people from all backgrounds.
There were more than 24,000 signatures gathered, calling on the NSW government to retain the requirement for registered nurses to be on duty 24/7 in aged care facilities.
During this meeting, there were important dialogues and meetings about issues important to Registered Nurses and our patients.
Trish Amole, a registered nurse, (75) died in March 2013.
Defining the practice of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, Including Title Protection
Competencies for the registered nurse (extended practice), RN(EP) register.
The knowledge and expertise derived from completion of a nursing education program and the specialized skill, judgment, and decision making of a registered nurse.
530 permits a registered nurse to administer moderate sedation to patients treated in ambulatory surgical treatment centers if supervised by a physician who is licensed to practice medicine in all its branches, a podiatrist, or a dentist.
The state recorded a 45% increase in new registered nurse graduates within 6 years of ratios becoming compulsory.
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