regional anatomy

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the study of anatomy based on regions or divisions of the body and emphasizing the relations between various structures (muscles and nerves and arteries etc

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They were divided into 11 main sub groups on the basis of regional anatomy like oral cavity ear, nose etc (table-I).
TV is the Regional Anatomy, which comprises the following sections: Head & Neck, Spine, Shoulder, Hand, Thorax & Abdomen, Pelvis, Hip, Knee, and Foot.
16) Detailed knowledge of regional anatomy is required when exploring new techniques.
An overview of the four primary tissue types and organ systems precedes a more in-depth account of the regional anatomy of the upper and lower limbs, and the trunk.
Each regional anatomy chapter consists of a conceptual overview, material on regional and surface anatomy, and clinical cases.
An article on elbow arthroscopy is a mini-course from patient evaluation to preoperative planning and portal placement, with guidelines for protection of the deep neurovascular structures and a review of regional anatomy, indications, complications, postoperative rehabilitation, and results.
Solving the salmon crisis successfully will require precision, a `scalpel,' if you will, applied with a deep understanding of our regional anatomy," Rogel said.
It explains the commonly used orthopaedic approaches and related regional anatomy of the area relevant to the approach.
They detail the relationships between surface anatomy, regional anatomy, and ultrasound scans for most of the common interventions performed by anesthetists and pain medicine clinicians.
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