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Synonyms for regardful

concentrating the mental powers on something

Synonyms for regardful

showing deference

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612, 617 (1840) ("[A] law which is intended merely to promote personal security, and to put down lawless aggression and violence, and to that end inhibits the wearing of certain weapons, in such a manner as is calculated to exert an unhappy influence upon the moral feelings of the wearer, by making him less regardful of the personal security of others, does not come in collision with the constitution.
however regardful to recent development brought by the Pakistani President visit, this time both nations particularly Azerbaijan really need to offer more direct and indirect benefits to the people of both states to meet the high enormity of 22 years long friendship.
A history of historiography regardful of intellectual movements of discontinuity would have to realize that, despite everything, there were attempts toward more refined and critical theoretical reflections on this new "gang of new ideas" (certainly not as new as those that crowded the times of Silvio Romero).
Therefore I am not just deciding to think autonomously about my land; I am becoming regardful of my land through the pathway that the withdrawal of Being provides.
as an undifferentiated set of individual beneficiaries of altruistic action, as a result of the evolution of higher forms of social emotion: 'the altruistic sentiments, which find their satisfaction in conduct that is regardful of others and so conduces to harmonious co-operation, are becoming stronger', Principles of Psychology: Vol II, New York and London, D.
The fluidly shifting "I" and Shapiro's cataloguing of identities clearly evoke the contradictory Whitmanian persona in "Song of Myself": "I am of old and young, of the foolish as much as the wise, / Regardless of others, ever regardful of others, / Maternal as well as paternal, a child as well as a man .
Just as the Intellect concerns itself with Truth, so Taste informs us of the Beautiful, while the Moral Sense is regardful of Duty.
The agreement includes a training program for the MTEVT employees aims at making the ministry's budget regardful of gender, women and girls needs.
And the therapist must be prepared not only for lengthy stages of tired wandering where there is no spark of self-confidence nor the security bringing the self-confidence, he must be watchfully regardful of the glimmers of the light of hope, in which the new possibilities appear: "And should there be?
Whereas the philosophy underpinning cultural safety has a clear focus that each person should be nursed regardful of all that makes them unique, encompassing the cultural, emotional, social, economic and political contexts in which people live.
She urged nurses in one-on-one clinical encounters to support people to be healthy, regardful of their health challenges and regardless of their body size.
Very important are applications in medical industry for regardful moving of immobile patients.
This case shows that woven coronary artery anomaly can be misdiagnosed by various clinicians so all clinicians performing angiography have to be very regardful in interpreting angiograms especially for malformation and anomalies.
His complexion seems to have been naturally too fine for a man: But as if he were above being regardful of it, his face is overspread with a manly sunniness [I want a word] that shews he has been in warmer climates than England.
Zoe Caldwell, Rosemary Harris, Estelle Parsons and Eva Marie Saint spoke from a place of regardful intimacy, trenchant humor and tender memory.