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Synonyms for refute

Synonyms for refute

to prove or show to be false

Synonyms for refute

overthrow by argument, evidence, or proof

prove to be false or incorrect

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While the Army can't rewrite its historical relationship with the eight communities near existing stockpiles, Smithson says it could do better in refuting spurious technical arguments by its critics.
to feel that these noble men are practically refuting the base assertions reiterated by copperheads and traitors that the black race are incapable of patriotism, valor or ambition.
Van Huizen argues that for ESBs to meet the requirements of enterprise service-oriented architecture (SOA) deployments, they must have a cohesive services framework, refuting the assertion made by some vendors that a truly flexible ESB can be created by extending existing middleware products.
Hakimullah Mehsud, an influential Taliban commander while refuting the reports has said the Taliban will release a video of Baitullah Mehsud within 2 or 3 days, Private TV Channel reported.
Sheringham also issued a statement completely refuting the allegations.
Refuting Shapin's "gentlemanly thesis," Shapiro demonstrates that nothing in the earlier sixteenth-century legal literature supports Shapin's claim that the common people were seen as "perceptually unreliable" (26) and that s ocial status was only one criterion among many affecting the protocols of scientific investigation.
Lutz walked through the report a single point at a time, refuting the allegations one by one.
It is equally committed to exposing and refuting misinformation from those who advocate legalization.
18 /PRNewswire/ -- Refuting a news service report that Bally Manufacturing Corporation (NYSE: BLY) may seek protection under Chapter 11 of the U.
Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA (ASE: HTO, NYSE: OTE), the Greek full-service telecommunications provider, today issued a statement refuting rumors concerning a potential OTE role in the privatization of Cesky Telecom, the Czech telecoms operator.
Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA (ASE: HTO, NYSE: OTE), the Greek full service telecommunications provider, today issued a statement refuting the content of an article published in today's issue of "Kathimerini", a Greek newspaper, regarding alleged secret arrangements with Telecom Italia and STET Hellas at the time of the acquisition of a mobile telephony license in Bulgaria.