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the act of determining that something is false

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To prevent and control the spread of rumors, government should take into account both the traditional media and the new media, and make reasonable and feasible control measures such as using multi-channel ways to distribute the refutal of rumors--from traditional media to new media, from the press conference to government micro-blogging, etc.
Article 13 (new) encourages action in the refutal of discrimination based on sex, race, ethnicity, religion or religious belief, disabilities, age or social orientation.
Though Angajan's intention of the offer for talks was never challenged but the content of the offer was not taken kindly by the Chief Minister who was first to offer his refutal and by President of Northern Provincial Council, Mr.
Pandya has a tendency for overblown prose ("The freestanding elements awash with sunlight, with every detail seen starkly and in totality, are in abject refutal of the deep, dark and mysterious innards of the cavernous chambers.
A clinically and legally indicated candidate for cadaveric organ and tissue recovery is presumed to have consented to organ and tissue recovery if he or she had not registered a refutal [sic].