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It mattered not that the "Doubleday Origin" story was easily refutable, standing as it did on wobbly legs of invented "proof" and American Exceptionalism.
Este tipo de afirmacion es facilmente refutable puesto que es posible que el que respire con agitacion no tenga fiebre.
ideologically inspired "studies" are not regarded by their proponents as provisional and refutable hypotheses' (Mishan, 1993: 202).
These tickets are non refutable, transferable or for resale and can only be used by named beneficiaries only.
Cette argumentation est refutable par le fait que l'assiette fonciere sur laquelle se situe le douar est non immatriculee, en absence d'un titre foncier formant le point de depart des droits reels fonciers sur le terrain.
Spears can churn out a pop hit, and she's an extremely hard worker--neither point seems refutable.
The orgasm is the least refutable feeling of individuality; your being is never more singular, or less simultaneous with that of another, than when you're coming.
He was happy for Lukaku to have ambitions of winning the title and encouraged it, without ever saying anything unrealistic or refutable.
He added that the debate about the Majlis Ash shura interference in issues that are not within its jurisdiction is refutable.
He added that the debate about the Majlis A'Shura interference in issues that are not within its jurisdiction is refutable.
I have tried to research this notion but as yet have found no refutable evidence (if any reader could add to this please contact the magazine).
It is refutable in any part of the future and I imagine that this anti-coup movement will take about a year; after that year, once its won, and it will win; that will be the will of the people.
Cuando destacamos la influencia de la modernidad hasta nuestros dias, lo que hacemos es llamar la atencion sobre el desesperado intento de la filosofia por ser exclusivamente teorica y querer parecerse en su forma de dictaminar los limites de lo verdadero y el comienzo de lo refutable a la ciencia en turno.
ASC 740 does not, however, provide guidance on the types of evidence that should be considered, and there is no bright-line test for establishing or releasing a valuation allowance, although, in practice, many public accounting firms use a 3-year cumulative loss standard as a refutable starting point.
O que Karl Popper, para "demarcar" o determinar lo que es la actividad cientifica, se desentienda del proceso --o metodo--empleado y analice unicamente la naturaleza del descubrimiento, que segun el ha de cumplir un requisito: ser refutable empiricamente.