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Synonyms for refusal


Synonyms for refusal

a negative response

a turning down of a request

Words related to refusal

the act of refusing

a message refusing to accept something that is offered

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Representative of the State Commission for Religious Affairs Aibek Iminov said the main reason for refusal from vaccination is that the population does not receive information at a proper level.
We still have over 3,000 refusal cases and that too in Peshawar which in itself is something to be taken seriously.
At the heart of the case is the question of religious refusal, an issue that also dominated the Texas Legislature's most recent session - most notably with House Bill 3859, a new law that allows welfare providers citing "sincerely held religious beliefs" to deny adoptions and other services to LGBT people.
The US import refusal information is publicly available and data from 2002 to the present day can be searched by country, product and the refusal criteria.
While being pleased with the findings it warned refusal rates are still too high and there is much more progress needed in this area and in the length of time taken to get approval.
HYDERABAD -- Commissioner Hyderabad, Qazi Shahid Pervez on Monday announced the formation of Refusal Management Committees (RMCs) at taluka level with immediate effect in order to ensure the immunization of anti-polio drops to each under-five children of the city.
Vaccine-preventable outbreaks and vaccine refusal continue to be a concern.
Meanwhile, deputy commissioner Ihsanullah Khan has asked the health authorities to submit a certificate to the effect that there was no polio refusal case in the area under their jurisdiction.
They reviewed and compared the answers in three areas: vaccine refusals and delays, parental reasons for refusal or delay, and physician dismissal for vaccination refusals or delays.
Locally, the refusal rate varies, Eugene officer Ryan Stone said, but "is generally higher amongst repeat DUII offenders.
An act of refusal can result in losing face or opportunity for all concerned, but recent studies of speech acts have largely ignored the word "no.
Among speech acts, refusal is highly complicated, primarily because it often involves lengthy negotiations and face-saving manoeuvres to accommodate the noncompliant nature of the speech act.
In place of the current regime, which requires countries to have a visa refusal rate of below 3%, the bill allows countries to be added if their visa overstay rate is below 3%, as long as their visa refusal rate is below 10%.
PNN 6/4 Demonstration in support of Israeli refusers being imprisoned 1 16/4, 9 AM, in the entrance to the "Bakum" in Tel Hashomer military base Noam Gur and Alon Gurman will arrive, on Monday 16/4, to the enlistment office in Tel Hashomer military base, where they will declare thier refusal to serve in the Israeli Army as it is an occupying power, and will be imprisoned time and time again for this refusal.
TEL AVIV, April 15, 2012 (WAFA) -- Two Israeli citizens will declare on Monday their refusal to serve in the Israeli army as it is an occupying power will be imprisoned, Sunday said Israeli media sources.