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The plant increased its shoot for increase of assimilation matters by increase of refulgence absorb for compensation of low density in this condition.
After a period of refulgence in 2003 and 2004, with factories going bankrupt in 2005 and industrial shrink in 2006, sales volume decreased sharply in 2007.
Her voice soars with a refulgence I never expected to hear in this role," wrote the critic of the London Times.
42) In the fourth century, Gregory of Nyssa cogently treated the iconic power of sainthood, stating in On Virginity that "many of the Saints cast the refulgence of their own lives, like lamps, upon the path for those who are 'walking with God' [Gen 5:24, 6:9].
That the most loathsome and lethal regime ever inflicted upon men--at least until Mao showed a reverential world what mass extermination could really achieve--might shine in the eyes of the public with a greater refulgence.
Seen in reproduction, it is hard to conceive of the monumentality and refulgence that the grandest of them possess in the flesh.
beams / I gather them into a bunch like flowers / place them in a white vase / where they glow with the refulgence / of the womb from which they sprang.
The exhibition--curated in London by Sally Brown, in New York by Christine Nelson --will contribute handsomely to the refulgence of this both legendary and all-too-human figure.
Corns sums up the cultural aspirations and achievement of the king in the years before the outbreak of civil war in all three of his kingdoms: "Charles promoted and stimulated a court culture that projected regal splendour with a refulgence unmatched in English history.