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Synonyms for refuge

Synonyms for refuge

the state of being protected or safeguarded, as from danger or hardship

something that physically protects, especially from danger

that to which one turns for help when in desperation

Synonyms for refuge

a safe place

something or someone turned to for assistance or security

Related Words

a shelter from danger or hardship

act of turning to for assistance

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I remember a woman coming into the refuge where I worked.
She spoke after the Government announced plans to change the way refuges for vulnerable women fleeing abusive partners are funded.
It called upon NIOSH to conduct research on refuge alternatives, which includes investigating their utility, practicality and survivability.
The Alaska National Wildlife Refuge ruling created this fear among many state wildlife agencies that management on refuges all over could be taken over by the feds, giving each administration the opportunity to change the rules as they see fit.
There is a national wildlife refuge within an hour's drive from most major metropolitan areas.
Fishing is supposed to begin this spring, but the contract will be canceled if the occupation continues or if the refuge has to remain closed for a lengthy crime-scene investigation.
In the laboratory, we recorded movement of known individuals into and out of a rock refuge (and time within), using remote interrogation of PIT tags implanted into subjects.
There is no drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge now, and it would take an act of Congress to authorize any drilling in the refuge.
It comes as the Wirral Refuge marked a year which saw a "significant" rise in the numbers of women being forced to take shelter there as they flee from domestic abuse.
Despite their absence in the history of the women's refuge movement, immigrant and refugee women were in fact politically active and played a prominent role in its development.
The Fire Place in Stokesley got a new games console so, after discussions with the young people who attend the volunteer-run club, it was decided to give their original Nintendo Wii to a refuge in Yorkshire for women who have experienced domestic abuse.
If you are willing to jump through a few hoops, do a little homework and work hard, there's no reason you can't kill a good buck on a National Wildlife Refuge.
The app provides a new interactive experience by encouraging refuge visitors to become modern explorers.
It's no exaggeration to say that the National Wildlife Refuge System, the country's premier land stewardship system, is vital to many endangered species.