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the activity of supplying or taking on fuel


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Kevin McKeown, Vice President and General Manager of Cobham Mission Systems, said: "With VARS we continue the tradition of providing industry leading aerial refueling capability to war fighters.
The aircrew compartment contains 15 permanent seats, including accomodations for the aerial refueling operator and an aerial refueling instructor.
The government intends to comply with requests for refueling operations at sea from North Atlantic Treaty Organization and other forces to demonstrate Japan's willingness to make international contributions, the sources said.
Aircraft age and a history of wing corrosion issues, fuel tank explosions, and antiquated internal avionics systems all point to the real possibility that exists for a massive grounding of the refueling fleet.
Yet, his efforts did open people's eyes to the value of aerial refueling and it wasn't long before his dream of being able to fly for longer periods of time became a reality.
Revising the Air Force's conventional JSF aircraft refueling method from a boom to a probe and drogue would require modifying most of its current KC-135 tanker aircraft at an estimated cost of $2.
Honda is taking a comprehensive approach that includes the development of both fuel cell and refueling technologies," said Honda R&D Americas vice president Ben Knight.
Supplying the forward arming and refueling points with fuel, ammunition, food and water, the squadron supported their "Devil Dogs" in a relentless push for Baghdad.
The automated aerial refueling project is documenting how a tanker's drogue basket - which contains the fuel nozzle - responds in the presence of the aircraft being refueled.
So many elite athletes already recognize the benefits of refueling with chocolate milk so it's exciting to see some of the world's biggest and most respected sporting organizations also getting behind the message," said Miranda Abney, Senior Marketing Manager of MilkPEP.
The proceedings are cashless refueling unleaded gasoline Pb 95, diesel and LPG vehicles business WSPR SP Health Care Centre in Bialystok serving ZPD, stationing points, are in business trips around the country and refueling / w fuel when closed Station fuels SP ZOZ WSPR in Bialystok, ul.
The main opposition Democratic Party of Japan has no intention of extending Japan's refueling mission in and around Afghanistan beyond its expiration in January if it takes power following the Aug.
This can enable a quicker response for time-critical targets and will reduce the need for forward staging refueling areas.
With the heavy pace of operations in support of the war on terrorism, the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Air Force have become increasingly concerned about their aging aerial refueling aircraft.
recently announced the delivery of a mobile 10,000-psi hydrogen refueling system to General Motors (GM).