refrigerator cookie

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dough formed into a roll and chilled in the refrigerator then sliced and baked

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Refrigerator cookies tend to be made from stiffer doughs.
Many refrigerator cookies call for nuts, and pecans, almonds and walnuts are popular.
Sue: I first wandered into the kitchen when I was about 8 years old and made molasses refrigerator cookies under my mother's guidance.
From Scottish Shortbread to Fruit & Nut Refrigerator Cookies, Fortune Cookies, Vanilla Crescents, and much more, the recipes include "base recipes" and flavor-filled variants for a jamboree of cookie variety.
took home the top prize in the Easy, Everyday Cookies & Bars with her Chocolate-Hazelnut Oatmeal Refrigerator Cookies.
Follow directions for Refrigerator Cookies Master Recipe (above).
If you want to make some hassle-free cookies in short order, look for Pillsbury ready-to-bake refrigerator cookies.