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Synonyms for refreshingly

in a manner that relieves fatigue and restores vitality


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Our collection of hotels continues to delight travelers with our signature refreshingly local approach," said Doug Rigoni, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Coast Hotels.
On its refreshingly low-fi third album, the killer quartet delivers scorching slide and rhythm guitar, pounding drums and from-the-heart vocals with a conviction bigger names in this primal post-Motorhead genre can't hold a Zippo to.
Fick's account of training, leadership, and combat is straightforward and unadorned, and he is refreshingly unselfconscious about his own baptism by fire.
Sex in the Bible is a refreshingly contemporary consideration of a cluster of themes that are usually treated quite separately.
What a refreshingly normal attitude from a woman who hasn't let vast wealth and international fame go to her head.
A refreshingly logical and methodical counterargument to the scientific community's prevailing theories.
The Loire Valley offers refreshingly tart and tangy varieties made with the Sauvignon Blanc grape--try Richard Bourgeois (2003).
Mariette Ulrich's article was refreshingly honest and true.
In particular, demi-soloist Kate Crews, as the Red Harlot, is a refreshingly free dancer.
A hilarious, different story with a refreshingly realistic, fun perspective evolves.
Refreshingly, "BMW" opted not for the clarity of concept and presentation that curatorial activity usually aims at, but for making things difficult to discern and decode.
Refreshingly, the architect makes no attempt to justify the application of this screen with lists of box-ticking illusions toward a technical or environmental agenda.
The poet's lexicon is refreshingly rich and varied borrowing from several cultures.
With a refreshingly irreverent style, this book also explains--without resorting to math jargon--such high-powered topics as the fourth dimension, fractals, and infinity.