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Synonyms for refreshing

Synonyms for refreshing

Synonyms for refreshing

imparting vitality and energy

pleasantly new or different


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With an innovative packaging, ENO Refreshing Gel and Tab are available in Mint flavor at a price point of Rs.
Scent also plays a large role in alertness, with 83% of men agreeing that a refreshing scent makes them feel more alert.
Sarah Smart This Water Marketing Manager says, "We spoke to our drinkers and they told us they wanted new This Water drinks that were as light and refreshing as our best-selling Lemons & Limes recipe, with the same high-quality real fruit, natural spring water and great taste.
This refreshing spray claims to be able to both tighten the skin and smooth away fine lines.
AFTER refreshing your home, why not refresh yourself with Carte D'Or Fruit & Fresh?
Had to use quite a lot of it to get a refreshing feeling on the skin.
This cool, refreshing and enormously potent potion consists of five liquors (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, Triple Sec) mixed with sweet and sour plus a splash of cola.
The shorts, created from beginning to end by young filmmakers as part of the Sprite Refreshing Films Program, can be viewed online at SpriteRefreshingFilms.
Procter & Gamble is adding Refreshing Vanilla Mint to its line of Crest Whitening Expressions toothpaste products.
50) Lofty claims: A softening and refreshing foot scrub that contains aloe vera and pumice.
ACE Refresh is a popular non-alcoholic drink in Germany and contains orange, carrot and lemon juice blended to produce a smooth, still, refreshing fruity drink.
As the sun begins to shine longer, thoughts turn to refreshing ice-cream desserts to cool us off.
Both men clearly relish the politics of substance, and that's a refreshing change in this election.
Super Cold Draft and the Cold Activated Bottle Follow Coors Light's Commitment to Delivering the World's Most Refreshing Beer to a Variety of Retail Environments
But when the sun sets and a breeze stirs, thoughts of a refreshing cocktail might occur.