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Synonyms for refreshen

become or make oneself fresh again

make fresh again

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Well, that was the assumption a decade ago, and it coincided with the far greater use of oak chips to flavor wines, along with other tactics (such as the use of toasted oak staves that were dropped into fermentation tanks, or oak inserts that were put into older barrels to refreshen the oak character in them).
For a while now I have harbored the notion that outsider or "naive" art will refreshen the well, not through aesthetic novelty, but through the novelty, of creating art that is necessary.
Establish mineral licks in the late winter/early spring time frame and refreshen them once a year or after periods of heavy rain.
But a two-hour rain break seemed to refreshen the Europeans as Swede Catrin Nilsmark gave her team-mates a rousing rallying cry.
You may want to refreshen your scent line for a couple of days prior to setting up your decoy.