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The observatory invites visitors to see the moon and stars through its 12-inch Zeiss refracting telescope.
and equip these rooms for the childhood she wished for him: pennants and paraphernalia artfully mounted (a Cooper's hockey stick and a Louisville baseball bat, crossed like swords, to suggest his nascent love of sports; a brass refracting telescope at a window, pointed to the sky, to connote his searching mind).
Previous telescopes could only magnify three times but Galileo's refracting telescope could magnify objects 20 times making it possible to use it for astronomy.
He was about to scrap the 30inch-wide refracting telescope until a chance encounter at an astronomical meeting saved the day.
Redevelopment of the observatory will also signal a return to use of the rare refracting telescope.
View planets in our solar system through a classic Victorian refracting telescope.
Originally built a century ago to house a 12-inch refracting telescope, its wooden, copper-sheathed dome, starting in the late 1970s, had to cover a much larger reflecting telescope.
With construction to get underway in the coming months and a scheduled opening for later this year, the one-of-a-kind facility will house a 30-inch reflecting telescope, a 16-inch reflecting telescope, two 12-inch reflecting telescopes and a 4-inch refracting telescope.